RP Heights

The vision was to create a boutique property with elegance and one that exudes luxury, very much a trend-setter for the Dubai market. The interior design elements are contemporary yet bearing an eclectic edge. Mixing masculine with softer touches, comfortable yet stately. The public spaces are open and airy, encouraging communal space to allow interaction with people, yet providing more intimate pockets of spaces for those who want some quiet time to work or read. The lobby spaces on the ground floor has a tall volume with full-height glass to take in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Dubai in the privacy of one’s own lounge. All the spaces had been designed to maximize the views of the Dubai skyline. 

Orientation of the fitness and wellness facilities is hinged on the same factor. Finishes applied are warm and tactile, with a touch of masculinity to bring out the stateliness of the spaces. The model unit has been thoughtfully planned for the resident’s needs. Applying high-end materials that gives value to the property and the use of accent lighting to define the space. How did the use of materials reinforce your design concept? Refer to inspiration (above). There are a number of unique finishes chosen to embellish the spaces. Adding a rich tactile layer to define the spaces. Dark bronze was teamed with tan leather for contrast of strength and softness.

Special paint finishes, and textural art glass were also used to bring out volumes & planes in space. What makes this property stand apart from others in the region? What is unique about this project or its space planning? It is redefining residential luxury in an area in Dubai where development is happening rapidly. It is a trend-setter in terms of the luxury residential property market. This is apparent from the way the spaces had been planned, the amenities provided and the high level of finishing and detailing involved in our design. Some unique spaces: The lounge cum billiard/ library is quite a unique space in this residence. It acts as an extended living room for residents to mingle and privately entertain.

The billiard room with a mezzanine library gives the lounge a rustic modern edge, creating a venue for relaxing with a cocktail in the evenings. The sky lounge on the upper levels acts like an oasis from the heat. Encased in a round glass ‘pod’, residents can relax poolside in the comfort of a temperature-controlled space with refreshments and getting full view of the pool deck and the Dubai skyline. The choice of furniture and lighting pieces had been carefully curated for a sophisticated look with a touch of eclecticism. The design is contemporary and elegant, forward in trends, hence the mix of patterns, textures and colors bring about a richness that further enhances the experience.