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Properties for Sale in Dubai, UAE

Beautiful properties are built on strong foundations.

Our properties for sale in Dubai are benchmarked against the world’s most prestigious addresses, many of which were designed and built under the auspices of Ellington's team members. We believe in developing unique, classically beautiful properties in Dubai for individuals and families that appreciate good design—from first principles to last details. We always invest in crafting properties of truly exceptional quality. We offer luxury apartments in Dubai, in addition to villas and townhouses for sale across different communities all around the city.

We believe that a home should express the passions and aspirations of its residents. Our size affords us the luxury of carving our own path in the competitive emirate of Dubai, by following our intuitions and refined sensibilities rather than fleeting trends, and of nimbly adapting to customer needs. With a focus on compelling design and meticulous attention to detail, Ellington properties in Dubai are developed to inspire well into the future.

Find your perfect property for sale in Dubai:

By choosing to buy property for sale in Dubai, you will feel right at home in a well detailed and designed property with striking architecture and close to all types of family-friendly recreational facilities. Ellington Properties provides you with a wide range of properties in Dubai that are ultra-luxurious with all the modern comforts and spectacular views. Whether you are considering buying an avant-garde apartment in Downtown Dubai or a beachfront villa that reflects your taste and style in Palm Jumeirah, Ellington’s signature properties in Dubai have everything that you are looking for in a house.

Ellington Properties have other exceptional and top-quality projects in Dubai, which are based in Emirates Hills, MBR City and Jumeirah Village.

Advantages of buying property in Dubai:

•  Dubai: An ideal city

Dubai is the kind of place where the possibilities are endless. In addition to mind-blowing landscapes, Dubai has seen its population and tourism flourish in recent years. As a result, the demand for housing has also grown rapidly. By buying property in Dubai, a booming real estate market, you’ll be able to ensure an added value if you are thinking of resale and zero difficulty to rent out the property.

•  A booming economy

Investing in real estate in a city or country with a dynamic and varied economy will always be less risky than investing in a country with a slow economy! With a huge number of development projects, Dubai’s economy is expected to grow more than 3% a year. The growing tourism sector in Dubai is increasingly contributing to the development of the UAE economy.

•  Prestigious properties

Due to the prosperous real estate market, Dubai has the largest number of homes under construction in the world, after Shanghai and Beijing. On its own, the construction site of the largest marina in the world presents 220 towers of more than 100 meters high under construction, whilst offering a great number of choices to anyone seeking to buy property for sale in Dubai. The city is attracting people from all over the world - people who are looking to rent or buy property in Dubai. Rental real estate is flourishing, especially when it comes to seasonal rentals - tourists who come to Dubai during their holidays. Expats, allowed to become owners since 2002, come to the thriving city to invest in the world-wide famous properties in Dubai that guarantee a luxurious life with a multitude of high-end facilities.

Should you rent or buy property in Dubai?

As an expatriate in the UAE, the biggest monthly expense for you is rent. According to experts, around 40 percent of your salary will be spent on rent if you live in Dubai in particular. So, is it better to rent or buy while you live in Dubai?

The answer to the one-million-dollar question is, it depends on the length of your stay. If it's short, mainly, for a few years, then rent is more economical. If, on the other hand, you are going to stay for a longer period, then buying is favorable. "I advise you to become an owner in the United Arab Emirates only if you have an absolutely stable job," said a real estate expert when asked about expatriates buying apartments in Dubai. Committing to paying the mortgage for a couple of years when you are not sure you are going to stay in Dubai for a long period can become inconvenient. Flexibility and low level of responsibility for the property are the two main advantages of renting. On the other hand, the total amount you pay for renting a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai for a period of a few years can be easily used as an instalment for buying your own.

Finding the right real estate company in Dubai to provide you with the assistance you need when looking for your perfect home is key. Ellington Properties, as one of Dubai’s prime real estate companies providing beautifully designed properties for sale in Dubai, are keen on developing unique, luxurious residences for individuals and families that appreciate striking homes.

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