Our Principles

Beautiful properties are built on strong foundations.

All of our work is supported by four key pillars.


Our properties are benchmarked against the world’s most prestigious addresses—many of which were designed and built under the auspices of Ellington’s team members.


Ellington develops unique, classically beautiful homes for individuals and families that appreciate good design—from first principles to last details. We always invest the time to craft residences of truly exceptional quality.


The utmost precision and care inform not only the aesthetics of Ellington homes, but also the way we do business. We respond to the needs of each client as they arise, allowing us to offer highly personalized, individual service. Clientele can take comfort in the considered attention of a truly customer-focused developer.


We believe that a home should express the passions and aspirations of its residents. Our size affords us the luxury of forging our own path in the competitive emirate, of following our intuitions and refined sensibilities rather than fleeting trends, and of nimbly adapting to customer needs. With a focus on compelling design and meticulous attention to detail, Ellington properties are developed to inspire—well into the future.