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Leading developer invites speakers to empower and educate the communities of Belgravia and Belgravia II Ellington Properties, Dubai’s leading design-led property developer, is set to host an event at its Belgravia and Belgravia II developments in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)…

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An icon of understated and restrained elegance comprising of perfectly crafted studios, 1 & 2…


Belgravia Square is set to become an icon of contemporary architecture in Jumeirah Village Circle.…


Well detailed and designed spacious contemporary apartments with a signature position along one of the…


An embodiment of uncompromising excellence, this is where modern architecture and nature come together, to…

Belgravia Heights I

Living spaces that set new standards of elegance. An award-winning interiors design show home, stylish…


Cozy townhouse features ample private balconies with elegant open kitchen and a dramatic wood entry…


Sophisticated, edgy and slick boutique property located in Downtown Dubai with an award-winning bathroom design.

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Ellington Properties to showcase its design-led residences at investor roadshows in Saudi Arabia

September 9,2019

Ellington Properties, an award-winning design-led boutique developer, is organising a series of roadshows to highlight…

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Ellington Properties for the second time in London

August 22,2019

After the success of the first roadshow, Ellington Properties will hold it’s second roadshow in…

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Get a chance to invest in one of Dubai’s most promising properties

May 16,2019

Meet us at one of the biggest International Property exhibitions in China.

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Invest and get 100% DLD Waiver

April 6,2019

Live the Ellington experience and invest in Belgravia Square with 100% DLD waiver. Join us…

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Visit our open house and discover an exclusive offer in JVC

April 6,2019

Grab the opportunity and avail for the limited time offer. Own your home with 100%…

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Meet us at the Shanghai Overseas Property & Investment Exhibition.

March 22,2019

Visit us at the Shanghai Overseas Property & Investment Exhibition and get a chance to…

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Own a house in the land of unlimited possibilities

February 2,2019

Invest in the land of unlimited possibilities with 0% Tax on residential property.

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High ROI Investment Property

January 19,2019

Ellington is coming to Al Ain to offer you a unique and luxurious investment options.…

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Invest in a property with high ROI

December 16,2018

Unique and luxurious real estate investment options coming to Al Ain. City: Al Ain Date: 16 Dec…

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International Investment Event

December 15,2018

Join our team at Wanda Plaza Vista Beijing Hotel to learn about investment opportunities around…

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Ellington comes to Abu Dhabi for the Best Investment Opportunities

December 15,2018

Join us at the St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi Al Khaznah and discover the…

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We are coming to the Luxury Property Show in Shanghai

December 7,2018

Live in an award-winning luxury property in Downtown Dubai.

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Invest in the Heart of Dubai

November 18,2018

  Visit our stand in the Sofitel Hotel to showcase some of the most luxurious…

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Invest in one of Dubai’s finest properties with the highest ROI

November 17,2018

Live in an award-winning luxury property in the heart of Dubai

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Take your Chance to Invest Now

November 17,2018

  Invest in the new heart of Dubai (MBR) and get the lowest price in…

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Own your luxury Home in Dubai

November 1,2018

Buy an award-winning luxury property in Dubai.

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Belgravia community event – Cancer awareness month

November 19,2019

Faith, courage, hope … Together against Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and…


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Property Investment in Dubai Vs Abu Dhabi

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Buying an Investment Property in Dubai: Now or Never for Property Buyers

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Buying Luxury Property in Dubai: Dos and Don’ts

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