Development Advisory

Mutual advantage.

For companies looking to invest in land, we can advise about its acquisition as well as undertaking market research and analysis, and revenue management. And we provide a full scope of residential real estate services, from development through operations.

We focus on creating enduring, long-term relationships with investment decisions based on a long-range perspective that has been cultivated over years of ownership experience. Our emphasis on creating capital value is the foundation for our lasting associations with prominent financial institutions and real…

Insightful analysis.

Successful property development is based on accurate analysis on current market conditions and astute insights into future trends. We provide both, ensuring that a property is positioned to resonate with residents upon opening, and to continue delivering value far in the future.

Our market information also helps us develop viable pro-forma documents and provides supporting market-value studies for lenders throughout the financing process, so that investment is less a leap of faith than a logical step. 

Tailored beautifully to your market.

With a strong track record of overseeing the design and construction of high-quality projects globally, our team creates sustainable, creative, state-of-the-art developments.

We work closely with the design and architectural teams for residential or hospitality projects, assisting in back-of-house design, planning amenities, and determining finishes and unit mixes based on the target market.

Based on our experience, we identify potential buyers based on market demographics and conditions. This insight is key to the design and presentation of the project.

Care across the board.

To support our development activities, we offer a full spectrum of construction oversight and project management services.

We can work with your existing professional team, or initiate and supervise a team selection process—issuing RFPs, conducting interviews and developing contracts. We’ll conduct pre-construction meetings, maintain focus on long-lead priorities, and set milestones for design and construction phases. We can oversee construction and budgets, complete all punch lists and administer ongoing quality-control procedures.

Our projects team delivers cost savings by increasing efficiencies…

Every property is unique.

We provide astute, creative and innovative ideas for cost-effective campaigns that leverage the individual character of each property. We have extensive experience with sales and re-sales for our own developments.

We can provide all of your marketing needs, working with a variety of trusted agencies for branding, collateral creation, model design, PR, and digital media. We’ll help you identify the best fit for the needs of the property and oversee all projects from concept through completion.